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The Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians

One Penn Center
1617 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Suite 555
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Telephone: (215) 557-2626
Facsimile: (215) 557-2825

Delaware County Office:

7000 Walnut Street
Upper Darby, PA 19082
Telephone: (610) 734-7715


A Note About Contacting Us:

Please note that we can serve you best if you contact only one staff member. If you are not sure of the best person to contact, please email

Peter Gonzales, President and CEO

Phone number: (215) 557-2626
 Email Peter


Donna Antony, Volunteer Coordinator

 Email Donna


Miranda Berger, Employment Specialist

Direct number: (215) 557-2870

 Email Miranda 

Bahiya Cabral-Johnson, Deputy Director

Direct number: (215) 557-2868
Email Bahiya

Kesha Carter, Instructor/Tutor Coordinator

Direct number: (215) 825-7770
 Email Kesha

Fabiola Castellaños-Gasper, Employment Intake Coordinator

Direct number: (215) 557-2847
 Email Fabiola

Talease Cleveland, Compliance Manager

Direct number: (215) 557-2558
 Email Talease

Natalie Cramer, Small Business Development Coordinator

Direct number: (215) 557-2826
Email Natalie

Janice Darab, Office Administrator

Direct number: (215) 557-2856
 Email Janice

Frances Heron, Lead Instructor

Direct number: (215) 557-2869
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Judy Johnson, Director of Education and Training

Direct number: (215) 557-2589
 Email Judy

Norman Koerner, Instructor

Direct number: (215) 825-7770
 Email Norman

Herman Nyamunga, Director of Global Enterprise Hub & Small Business Development

Direct number: (215) 825-7767
 Email Herman

Manuel Portillo, Director of Immigrant Professionals Program 

Direct number: (215) 825-7765
Email Manuel

Nicole Pumphrey, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Direct number: (215) 825-7763
 Email Nicole

Rebecca Rathje, Director of Development and Communications

Direct number: (215) 557-2858

 Email Rebecca

Eric Rosenfeld, J1 Program Manager, Instructor

Direct number: (215) 557-2830

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Nora Telles, Case Manager/Advocate

Direct number: (215) 557-2830
 Email Nora

Desirée Welborn Wayne, Consultant

Direct number: (215) 557-2550
 Email Desirée