Cultural Competency

Practical Tools to Improve Outcomes

As the United States becomes ever more culturally diverse, companies and institutions that foster effective working environments have an edge in attracting and retaining customers -- and in creating positive outcomes for their employees and customers.

The Welcoming Center provides a range of consulting and technical assistance services to organizations seeking to improve their outcomes through cultural competency.

Our Services Include:

  • Cross-cultural communication training
  • Onboarding and acculturation to the American workplace (for immigrant employees)
  • Cultural competency workshops or classes 
  • Conflict resolution and cultural brokering 
  • Evaluation design and implementation (to assess training outcomes)

Sample Workshop Modules:

  • Understanding Challenges to Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Strategies for Improving Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Measuring Impact 

How We Use Data

As an organization founded by a physical therapist, our philosophy is to approach each project with the same individualized attention and careful monitoring of results that healthcare practitioners bring to their own patients.

We care about the institutionalization of good practices, so that our one-time training or course becomes fully incorporated into our client's way of doing business. We gauge the impact of our work using meaningful metrics that reflect our clients' primary concerns and interests. 

Our Staff Capacity

Our own staff have backgrounds in program evaluation, sociology, public health, and law -- just to name a few. These diverse professional backgrounds, as well as the deep breadth of cultural and linguistic diversity among our staff, help us to tailor services appropriately to a wide range of companies and institutions.

To schedule an initial phone consultation or obtain more information, please contact Bahiya Cabral-Johnson at (215) 557-2868 or