We provide English and Adult Education classes for immigrants, other English Language Learners, and others interested in improving their skills or earning credentials for employment or post-secondary education. Most of our services are provided free of charge, or at low cost. Whether you are just starting to learn English, need to improve your English for business or academic purposes, or have no formal education, we can help you.

In addition to our classes, we offer many other services to prepare students for the workplace including:

  • Case Management

  • Career Advising

  • Skills-building Workshops

  • Job Placement Support

Adult Education and Training (each session is 10 weeks)

Spring Session 2017 is currently underway and will end on June 23, 2017.

Summer Session 2017, will begin August 2017. To enroll, please click the registration button below.

or call 215-557- 2626 for more information

If you are looking for information on Business Training Classes for Entrepreneurs, please visit the Entrepreneurship section of our website.