Support Diversity

Support Diversity in the Workforce:

By partnering with the Welcoming Center by hiring one of our jobseekers, you are joining a community of companies who believe that a diverse workforce is a more competitive one in our global economy.

Why is diversity important in the workforce? As a company who values diversity, you are making your company stronger by:

  • Utilizing the international talent that is already right here in our region.
  • Hiring members of a wide range of ethnic communities who live in the region and will become more familiar with your company’s goods and services.
  • Increasing your company’s language capacity to better communicate with customers, clients, as well as internally with staff of the same language group.
  • Tapping into the business and social networks of the international workforce.
  • Increasing capacity for dealing with customers, distributors, and competitors of different backgrounds.
  • Increasing flexibility for holiday coverage and awareness of international holidays, which may affect how other companies operate.
  • Positioning your company as a diverse, internationally conscious enterprise responsive to the needs and changes of the global economy.

Are you interested in joining this community of diversity-minded companies? Contact our Deputy Director Bahiya Cabral-Johnson at 215-557-2868 to know more about how you can support diversity in the workplace.