Starting a business is a complex process, especially if you have only recently arrived in the Philadelphia area.

We offer numerous practical tools to assist new and emerging small business owners.


Business Technical Assistance

Business experts are available to support entrepreneurs through the process of establishing or expanding a business. Our hands-on assistance helps business owners to understand city regulations, develop a business plan, understand business operations, identify capital, create a marketing strategy, and much more.

Small Business Workshop and Events

We offer free business workshops throughout the year. Workshop topics range from marketing and business planning to legal entity choice and business taxation. All of our events are free and held at neighborhood-based locations throughout the region.

Check the Welcoming Center Events Calendar for information on upcoming business workshops and events.

Business Training Classes

Our six-week English for Entrepreneurs class is offered periodically throughout the year. With a specialized curriculum covering English vocabulary and pronunciation, customer service skills and cultural competence, the course is open to business owners and retail workers.

PlanIt! Business Classes In partnership with the Neighborhood Development Center, this training assists start-up and new businesses obtain business training, financing, and other support within their own communities. The training is a once a week for twelve weeks.

If you are interested in taking either business training class, please complete an application form and you will be notified of the next session.

Incubation Space

Philadelphia Immigrant Innovation Hub program provides aspiring entrepreneurs and established small business owners with the tools and expertise they need to develop their businesses. The work space is located in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Northwest Philadelphia. Services are free to eligible participants.

For more information or to apply, visit

The Global Access Soft Landing program grew out of our partnership with the French-American Chamber of Commerce, Philadelphia Chapter. The mission of our soft landing program is to support local job creation by attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), fostering entrepreneurship, and cultivating international economic synergies.

Global Access serves the following stakeholders:

  • Foreign companies ready to explore and invest in the U.S. market

  • Entrepreneurial individuals preparing to launch their own business

  • Researchers eager to develop and pilot new technologies

  • Graduate students committed to staying in the U.S. to develop their own ventures

Opportunity Calls

We provide a free 2-minute monthly phone announcement notifying Philadelphia-area entrepreneurs about upcoming workshops and local resources. The service is provided in the language of the entrepreneur’s choice: English, French, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or Vietnamese.  Transcripts of the messages are listed below each month.

or call us at 215-557-2826