The Welcoming Center's employment program connects jobseekers of all levels to job opportunities in the Philadelphia region. Whether you have limited education and work experience or you have been working in a professional field for decades, we can help you establish a meaningful and realistic employment plan.

As an immigrant, you bring value to any company or organization through your work experience from your homeland, your cultural background, and your language skills.

Through our employment program, we provide the following services:

  • Orientation and introduction to the American workplace
  • Intake and skills assessment
  • Individual career consultations
  • Interview tips and preparation for your first day on the job
  • Job placement and job retention support for participants in our Education and Training Programs and our Immigrant Professionals Program

For jobseekers needing additional skills and training, the Welcoming Center provides several training opportunities.

For jobseekers looking to rebuild a professional-level career, the Welcoming Center provides career laddering guidance.