As a part of the Welcoming Center’s mission to connect work-authorized immigrants to economic opportunities, we have long provided training to help jobseekers learn about American business culture and prepare themselves for work. Whether it be training for a new career path, rebuilding a career, or starting a business, we believe that new arrivals greatly benefit from high-quality training programs that are directly related to employment. The Welcoming Center provides the following opportunities:

Assessment and Career Readiness Training:

Our employment specialists provide individual consultations to determine what type of job training will help a jobseeker access opportunities they need to rebuild their careers or start a new career. Our specialists discuss questions like:

  • What training opportunities exist in my field?
  • What jobs can I take now while I complete training?
  • What are the benefits of enrolling in a training program instead just finding a job?

Welcoming Center staff help jobseekers find answers to these questions. We guide jobseekers in finding legitimate training opportunities and avoiding programs with little return on investment. Our flyer Thinking of Technical School? provides ways to determine if a training program is a right fit.

We also provide Career Readiness Training through an orientation session and individual job readiness training. Contact Judy Johnson at 215-557-2589 for more information.

Professional Career Laddering:

Rebuilding an established career in a new country takes time, resources, and determination. The Welcoming Center works with professional-level jobseekers to rebuild their careers here in the Philadelphia region. We work with accountants, doctors, teachers, and engineers among many other professionals to make important connections, learn American workplace culture, get appropriate job experience, and find educational and training opportunities to get them on their way to applying their skills in the workforce.


  • Assessment and consultation
  • Career mapping and guidance
  • Networking and business skills workshops
  • Job placement

Contact Bahiya Cabral-Johnson at 215-557-2868 for more information.

Entrepreneurship Training:

Starting a business is a difficult and complex undertaking, especially when English is not your first language. The Welcoming Center recognizes that the success of immigrant entrepreneurs have a big impact on the neighborhoods where they live and where they establish their enterprises.


  • English for Entrepreneurs: English classes for business owners that focus on customer service skills, safety, and technical terms and vocabulary.
  • Business development clinics in areas such as: developing a business plan, obtaining commercial loans to expand a business, and using computers and technology for a business
  • One-on-one business technical assistance to entrepreneurs: setting up a new business or developing a current business, explaining zoning and licensing requirements, discussing what types of business opportunities may be most successful in a particular location, and identifying available financing options.

Contact Herman Nyamunga at 215-825-7767 for more information.

Civics, ESL, and GED Prep Classes:

To enroll in one of our classes, please complete our online application form. We will contact you soon to follow up! For questions, call 215-825-7771.