For Professionals

Our International Professionals Program is designed for foreign-educated professionals living in the Philadelphia region who have at least a Bachelor's degree and are looking to re-enter their field in the U.S. Whether you just graduated from university or were a seasoned professional in your home country, we can help you design a career pathway that fits YOU.

If you are interested in learning more about the program, contact Eric Rosenfeld at or 215-779-6443.

Coming to the United States is an exciting process, but it can also be overwhelming. When the Welcoming Center's founder, Anne O'Callaghan, arrived from Ireland, she spent several years becoming re-credentialed and licensed as a physical therapist.

Today, while some international professionals arrive in the U.S. with a job already secured, many others are following another path: getting a "survival-level" job to pay bills, and then working toward a long-term career goal. We want to accelerate this process.

Our International Professionals Program can help. We offer a variety of services to assist you in your journey. They include:

  • Assessment and consultation
  • Career mapping and guidance
  • Job search skills workshops

The Welcoming Center also offers Pathways to Success workshops. You can view sample presentations online. 

To learn more about our services for immigrant professionals contact Eric Rosenfeld at or 215-779-6443.