Language Access


The Welcoming Center is happy to share these useful resources from the City of Philadelphia.

People with limited English skills who live or work in Philadelphia and need to contact city government agencies can get interpretation assistance.

The city uses bilingual employees, telephone interpreters, and other "Language Access" services to make sure that all Philadelphians can get the services they need.

Below, there are free "I speak" cards that can be printed and used by any city resident. The cards are printed in English on one side, and a different language on the other side. The card explains that the person carrying it needs language help.

More information is available from the Mayor's Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs, and from the Managing Director's Office.


I speak Amharic.





I speak Albanian.





I speak Arabic.





I speak Cambodian (Khmer).





I speak Chinese (Traditional).





I speak French.





I speak Haitian Creole.





I speak Hindi.





I speak Indonesian.





I speak Korean.





I speak Mandinka.





I speak Nepali.





I speak Polish.





I speak Portuguese.





I speak Russian.





I speak Spanish.





I speak Tagalog.





I speak Ukrainian.





I speak Vietnamese.





I speak Other (Fill in the Blank).