Consulting Services

The Welcoming Center provides consulting services for state and local governments, philanthropic organizations, business associations, and community development corporations. Our services are available on an ongoing as well as one-time basis.

We are unusual among our peers in that our work encompasses both economic and workforce development as well as immigrant integration. Thus, we are uniquely situated to offer guidance to those who are seeking to combine these fields in their own new ventures.

From the political landscape to funding prospects, from cross-cultural opportunities to inter-ethnic challenges, we have nearly a decade of experience and are ready to share it.

Since our founding, we have consulted with public officials and community leaders from Cleveland and Omaha to Maryland and Minnesota. By sharing our practices, explaining specific tools, and outlining potential strategies, we help visionary leaders to frame a truly different model for economic development in their communities.

Consulting Services for Government

  • Advice in framing workforce and economic development programs to address specific local needs, such as aiding high-skilled immigrants in transferring their professional credentials to the US
  • Suggestions for improving the accessibility of services for immigrant constituents (including business permitting/licensing, economic development, adult education and workforce services)
  • Models for creating public/private partnerships between government agencies, nonprofit service providers and business entities
  • Information on how to use demographic and other data to assess the economic and other contributions of immigrant residents

Consulting Services for Business Associations and Community Development Corporations

  •  Concrete tools and metrics to document the demographic and economic range of businesses on a corridor, and advice on using the information for community education and policy advocacy
  • Models for merchant assistance, including Opportunity Calls multilingual phone announcements and English for Entrepreneurs curriculum
  • Help identifying and recruiting a more diverse membership base to ensure that the full range of immigrant and US-born entrepreneurs in the community is represented
  • Best practices in intercultural collaboration and language access, to ensure that all members can participate effectively
  • Data collection to document the most pressing concerns of business owners, including those with limited English proficiency

Consulting Services for Philanthropy

Private foundations that are creating or reframing grantmaking strategies to support immigrant communities, particularly through employment and/or small business services, are encouraged to contact the Welcoming Center for details about our work with private funders.

To learn more, contact Deputy Director Bahiya Cabral-Johnson at or 215-557-2626.