For Researchers

How to find existing research:

Unfortunately, research on immigrants in the Philadelphia area (or more generally) can be difficult to track down. Undergraduate, graduate and professional work on immigration issues is conducted in disciplines from geography to public health, and economics to urban studies. While some public repositories exist, often these documents are not easily accessible, especially if unpublished. Depending on your research topic, the Welcoming Center may be able to connect you with publications related to your focus.

Conducting original research:

Issues related to immigration can be sensitive and controversial. Researchers are encouraged to review the literature on good practices and standards to ensure that their research design and activities are lawful and ethical.

(See, for example, "Ethical Issues in Research With Immigrants and Refugees" (pdf), by Dina Berman and "The Ethics of Migration Research Methodology: Dealing With Vulnerable Immigrants," by Van Liempt & Bilger.)