Choosing Philadelphia

Attracting and Retaining Immigrant Newcomers

Wednesday, 18th June, 2014


Pennsylvania Congressional District Snapshots - July 2013

Our newest snapshots show immigration trends all across Pennsylvania.


Congressional District Snapshots for Southeast PA

This new series of fact sheets shed light on immigration patterns in the Philadelphia region by US congressional district.


Digital Diaspora

How Immigrants are Capitalizing on Today's Technology


Immigration Presentations

The Welcoming Center regularly makes presentations on issues relating to immigration, demographics, and the economy.


Immigrant Food Entrepreneurs


2011 Annual Report

Work Place: World Place


Our International City

A Fact Sheet

Co-produced by the Global Philadelphia Association, this double-sided fact sheet highlights remarkable statistics about international activity in the Philadelphia region.


Shared Prosperity

How the Integration of Immigrant Workers Creates Economic Benefits for All Pennsylvanians

In conjunction with Econsult Corp., the Welcoming Center published a report on the economic impact of work-authorized immigrant workers on our state and region.


2010 Annual Report

The World Works Here


2009 Annual Report

Big City, Small World: The International Faces of Our World-Class City


Career Guides for Immigrant Professionals

The Welcoming Center identified four high-growth industries in Pennsylvania and developed detailed career guides for each industry: accountant, mechanical engineer, systems analyst, and teacher. These guides outline the process for becoming a certified professional and provide information about various types of jobs within each field, regional employers who hire these professionals, salary ranges, and employment resources.


How to Succeed in the Workplace

Even if you have worked for many years in your home country, it is valuable to understand American business culture. For general information, view How to Succeed in the Workplace: A Career Guide for the Immigrant Professional. This publication includes useful tips to help guide you through a professional job search in the United States.


Gateway Jobs in our Economy

Helping Newcomers Succeed in the American World of Work

This Welcoming Center report shows that even low-level jobs with modest pay and limited hours can improve the life-long earning potential of immigrant workers who are learning the ropes of the American world of work.


How to Start a Small Business in Upper Darby or Norristown

The Welcoming Center published the following guides on how to start a small business in Upper Darby or in Norristown.


Merchant Safety Guide

Violence and Harassment in Your Business: What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

The Welcoming Center created a guide to provide practical information on how city store owners can protect themselves from violence and harassment and improve customer relations.


Haitian Immigrant Resource Guide

A comprehensive guide providing information about services available to those in the Philadelphia area impacted by the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, in English or Haitian Creole.


2008 Annual Report

Connecting Immigrants, Employers, and Communities


2012 Annual Report

(Re) Start Here


How to Start a Business

The Welcoming Center published the following guides on how to start a business in Philadelphia. If you are interested in starting a business, and would like to be connected to more resources, contact Bahiya Cabral-Johnson ( at 215-557-2868.



A Match Made in Philadelphia: Connecting Highly Skilled Immigrant Workers with the Employers Who Need Them.



The Changing Face of Pennsylvania's Workforce: A Guide to Hiring and Working with New Americans
(This publication is currently being updated. The revised version will be provided on our website when complete)


Immigrants Resources Manual: What Every Immigrant Needs to Know - available in English or Spanish.
(This publication is out of print. Xeroxed copies are available for a nominal fee.)


Immigrant Philadelphia: From Cobblestone Streets to Korean Soap Operas
(Copies of this report are available for a nominal fee.)


In 2004, with the support of the Samuel S. Fels Fund, the Welcoming Center conducted a study on immigration and urban revitalization in Philadelphia. The 46-page report focused on immigrant entrepreneurship, and explored the following questions:

  • How do immigrants contribute to urban revitalization?
  • What areas in Philadelphia have benefited from an influx of immigrants?
  • What are the barriers to immigration participation in the economy?