Engaging Immigrant Talent: Learning From a Shared Dialogue

Our world is collectively experiencing a pandemic as well as social and political upheavals, both globally and locally. This directly impacts our workplaces and requires us to reimagine how to operate, particularly as we become more digitally connected. Including immigrant talent adds a diverse perspective to our workforce, provided they have the tools to succeed [...]

Finding a Job Is Tough for Everyone—But It’s Especially Hard if You Are an Immigrant

Finding a job is tough. For everyone. But it’s especially hard if you are an immigrant. Numerous immigrants come to Philadelphia as adults, leaving a thriving professional career in their home countries. When they arrive here, they have to face many barriers for their everyday lives such as understanding and being understood in English, understanding [...]

Transferable Skills and Changing Careers: An International Professionals Program Graduate’s Experience

Dominika was born, raised, and gained education in Poland. At the end of 2017, she moved to Philadelphia, her husband's hometown. She earned a master’s degree in Public Health and Electroradiology  in Poland, but she was unable to get her degree accredited in the United States due to the large differences in curricula. This meant [...]