Solas 2023 Honorees: Anne O’Callaghan

Anne O’Callaghan was born in 1942 and raised six miles south of the border between Northern Ireland and the People’s Republic of Ireland. That geography fostered an innate empathy for strife and displacement, in addition to techniques for sneaking discounted butter past the guards — wear a belt and tuck it under your shirt. “When […]

CEO of The Welcoming Center Announces Departure in June 2023

After 11 years serving as President and CEO of The Welcoming Center, Peter Gonzales recently announced plans to transition out of his role by the end of June 2023.   Peter succeeded the organization’s founder Anne O’Callaghan in 2012 and has led The  Welcoming Center through a period of transformative growth and change. When The  Welcoming Center opened its […]

Immigrant Fellowship Program: Bridging the gap between employers and immigrant talent

The Welcoming Center’s Immigrant Fellowship Program connects employers with immigrant talent through a 12-week paid fellowship while providing participants with the opportunity to gain work experience in their field of expertise. Highly experienced immigrants often come to this country with high hopes to apply their work skills and knowledge, only to encounter endless barriers to [...]

Immigrant Heritage Month 2022: Celebrating Immigrants’ Stories

At The Welcoming Center, we celebrate immigrants every day and we are excited to commemorate Immigrant Heritage Month this June. Immigrant Heritage Month is an opportunity to showcase immigrant stories, recognize the contributions of immigrants, and celebrate the strength that diversity brings to the U.S. In honor of Immigrant Heritage Month, The Welcoming Center is [...]