A Place We Can All Call Home

By Benjamin Butz-Weidner In the late 1800s my great-great grandparents emigrated from Germany to the United States. They settled in West Virginia and middle Pennsylvania, eventually finding permanence in North Philadelphia, which until the 1950s was by an unspoken law divided into ethnic enclaves. My grandmother, describing to me the Philadelphia of her childhood on a restaurant napkin, [...]

Join us at the 2019 Solas Awards!

Jose Antonio Mesa from Cuba talks about how we helped him achieve his goal of getting his dream job. All funds raised will benefit our core programs that provide critical support to immigrants and refugees in the region. Please donate today!

My Rural Childhood Life

by George Dong One day, my mom and I were arranging firewood beside a creek. All of a sudden, a pig came rushing down, with shrill screaming, from halfway up the mountain. We frightenedly looked in the direction of the sound. “Look, a wolf.” my mom shouted with a finger pointing at the mountain. “Where?” [...]

A Message to the Daughters of Immigrants

by Rosemary Santos Dear Sister, When you wake, Day after day, And you find yourself weary, Remember that the loads you carry Are not just your own, But of those that came before you. You carry the weight of your history. The visceral knowing That you were taken from, That you were taken, That you [...]