My Rural Childhood Life

by George Dong One day, my mom and I were arranging firewood beside a creek. All of a sudden, a pig came rushing down, with shrill screaming, from halfway up the mountain. We frightenedly looked in the direction of the sound. “Look, a wolf.” my mom shouted with a finger pointing at the mountain. “Where?” [...]

A Message to the Daughters of Immigrants

by Rosemary Santos Dear Sister, When you wake, Day after day, And you find yourself weary, Remember that the loads you carry Are not just your own, But of those that came before you. You carry the weight of your history. The visceral knowing That you were taken from, That you were taken, That you [...]

Smiling and Diversity

by Miranda Berger As I write this article about diversity it puts a smile on my face. As an immigrant from the Netherlands, I assist new immigrants every day in their career pathway at the Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians in Philadelphia. Although I visited the United States many times, my relocation to the U.S. [...]