Summer Reading List: Immigrant Authors

We asked our staff to share their favorite fiction book or memoir written by an immigrant author and they delivered! Support immigrant authors by adding a few of these books to your summer reading list and let us know which ones we missed.  Share a book by YOUR favorite immigrant author on social media and [...]

From Yemen to Philadelphia: Finding Success Through Hard Work as Entrepreneurs

Hussam and Moneef Bin Break launched Diagno Pest Control in 2018 soon after graduating from the Welcoming Center’s Business Training Program. Within a few months of operating, the brothers obtained a small business loan from FINATA, a Welcoming Center partner specializing in lending to immigrant entrepreneurs, allowing them to purchase their first branded truck. Like many immigrant entrepreneurs, Hussam and [...]

Overcoming Barriers as a High Skilled Immigrant in Philadelphia

I am Fode Kaba Traore. I am from Guinea which is in West Africa. In 2012, I earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from University Gamal Abdel Nasser of Conakry. Also, I earned certificates in HSE and transportation. Afterwards, I worked for different companies in the transportation field in Conakry and the countryside of [...]

Meet Asmaa Diab, founder of Syrian Kitchen

Asmaa is a graduate of the Welcoming Center's Business Training Program and a Global Craft Market participant.   Asmaa came to the U.S. as a refugee from Syria. Once she resettled in Philadelphia, she found the opportunity to use her passion for cooking to work from home. What started off as cooking and baking for [...]

How inclusive are your talent strategies? Our equitable economic recovery will depend on it

For Philadelphia, workforce diversity has always been an economic imperative. As the impending economic crisis in the wake of COVID-19 looms in front of us, so much is unknown. But even amidst uncertainty and fear, familiar patterns emerge. Inequity, disparity and racism are not new, just more clear under the harsh light this crisis shines [...]