Recognizing Foreign Education and Employment Authorization

Foreign-educated immigrants have the potential to revitalize the economy of the United States (U.S.) by offering their advanced-degree knowledge and global work experience. In recognition of the value immigrant job-seekers can bring to the U.S. economy, the new administration has made immigration reform a priority. In fact, our new Vice President, Kamala Harris, is the daughter of [...]

Meet Ana Jiménez: Architect, Immigrant from Colombia, International Professionals Program Graduate

Ana Jiménez started a new job as the Exhibition Job Coordinator with The Clay Studio in April of 2020. While this began her career in the United States, her journey started many years prior. Ana grew up in Colombia with her family and was formally trained as an architect there before moving to the Netherlands [...]

A Philadelphia Immigrant’s Story About Building Confidence and Finding Meaningful Employment

Abigail grew up in northeast China, went to college in Bejing, and began her career working in education and training. After getting married in 2011, Abigail began to search for a job in Philadelphia, where her husband had been earning his PhD and working for years. Unable to move, Abigail remained in Bejing and began [...]