Meet the Association of Mexican Business Owners of Philadelphia, Solas 2022 Honoree

Philadelphia is lucky to have many immigrant-run businesses, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused significant disruptions. A group of business owners banded together to help the businesses in South Philadelphia survive. The Association of Mexican Business Owners of Philadelphia is a group of immigrant merchants whose mission is to support Mexican businesses to acquire tools, skills, [...]

Meet Let’s Talk Philly, Solas 2022 Honoree

One of the largest hurdles that immigrants face when arriving in a new country is the language barrier, and Let’s Talk Philly has created their Conversation Circles for immigrants to become more comfortable with speaking English.  At Solas 2022, The Welcoming Center is proud to recognize several Philadelphia organizations working tirelessly to address critical issues [...]

Meet I Belong Philly, Solas 2022 Honoree

At Solas 2022, The Welcoming Center is celebrating three Philadelphia immigrant organizations that are working tirelessly to address important issues faced by immigrants and refugees in the Philadelphia region. Through their dedication and hard work, each of these organizations have become anchors within immigrant communities. Our official hashtag at The Welcoming Center is #WelcomingWorks, and [...]

Recognizing Foreign Education and Employment Authorization

Foreign-educated immigrants have the potential to revitalize the economy of the United States (U.S.) by offering their advanced-degree knowledge and global work experience. In recognition of the value immigrant job-seekers can bring to the U.S. economy, the new administration has made immigration reform a priority. In fact, our new Vice President, Kamala Harris, is the daughter of [...]