Let’s remember immigrants when talking about diversity

by Ben Goebel The United States is having a reckoning about its diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) whether in society or in the professional world. This is fantastic and a long time coming. Many populations have been treated unfairly for generations in this country and it is important to see things moving in the right direction. Immigrants are one of the marginalized groups that should benefit [...]

Finding a Job Is Tough for Everyone—But It’s Especially Hard if You Are an Immigrant

Finding a job is tough. For everyone. But it’s especially hard if you are an immigrant. Numerous immigrants come to Philadelphia as adults, leaving a thriving professional career in their home countries. When they arrive here, they have to face many barriers for their everyday lives such as understanding and being understood in English, understanding [...]

Employee Spotlight: Manuel Portillo and Nikki Pumphrey

This July we will celebrate six years of work with our Director of Engagement, Manuel Portillo and our Deputy Director, Nikki Pumphrey. Both Manuel and Nikki have played a significant role in the Welcoming Center’s growth and community impact. In honor of this anniversary, we sat down to learn a little more about what led them to the [...]