Digital Inclusion and Digital Literacy: What Does It Mean for Immigrants?

by Bryce Bayer Participants using technology to learn at the Welcoming Center's Immigrant Leadership Institute In today’s highly connected world, few would refute the claim that technology is everywhere. You can hardly walk down the street without bumping into someone who is checking their e-mail, answering a text, or documenting a moment on social media. [...]

The Real Cost of Brain Waste

by Lina Duffy “Immigrants with university degrees have no trouble finding suitable employment in the United States.” You hear this sentiment all the time. I thought it was true too. Then in 2014, I moved to the United States and found out that this is a myth. I work at the Welcoming Center for New [...]

My Experience Looking for a Job as an Immigrant Educated Abroad

by Irene Contreras Irene (second from right) with fellow IPP graduates. In January I started the International Professionals Program (also known as IPP). Even though I have work experience, university degrees and full work authorization without need future sponsorship, it has been hard for me finding a job in my field. After three years in [...]