Two Centers, One Global Vision

Global Startup Accelerator

Companies tend to see international expansion as an afterthought.

But as a startup, you’re in the business of thinking BIG.

With 95% of the world’s consumers living outside of the U.S., your customer base looms large. But odds are you are not reaching most of it.

Stop playing small! For those startups focused on life sciences, MedTech or eHealth, the Global Startup Accelerator is here to help you go global!

Why go global? You’re an innovator… going global is part of the business plan!

And the benefits are many:

✔️ Taking advantage of overseas opportunities adds volume and growth to your company
✔️ Differentiates your product or service by being a global player
✔️ Decreases costs through more efficient ways of doing business, while increasing profit margins
✔️ Improves business bargaining power

So, what exactly is the Global Startup Accelerator?

Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians and the University City Science Center have been awarded $500,000 in funding from the U.S. Department of Commerce. This program is one of 27 chosen nationwide for funding by the EDA

In the 3-year grant, the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s Regional Innovation Strategies i6 program is funding the launch of the Global Startup Accelerator (GSA) to:

✔️ Foster the global innovation ecosystem in Philadelphia and
✔️ Open new doors to global markets for businesses across the Greater Philadelphia region.
✔️Generates a much wider range of knowledge sources, and other resources and capabilities

Indeed, Philadelphia proudly boasts one of the largest and fastest growing immigrant populations amongst major U.S. cities. According to the latest Pew State of the City report, 15% of Philadelphia residents are foreign-born; and a study by the New American Economy found that immigrants in the Philadelphia region are 43% more likely to be entrepreneurs than native-born residents.

The Global Startup Accelerator will tap into Greater Philadelphia’s business community and ensure that Philadelphia’s immigrant entrepreneurs are at the table and invited to contribute their vast knowledge on how to navigate international, global markets.

The program will also connect founders to global business development experts and potential funders, specifically by letting them pitch European biotech types at the BIO International Convention, happening in Philly next summer

Who is this program for?

As our goal is to contribute to build a healthier and smarter society, the Global Startup Accelerator is divided into two distinct parts:

✔️ For the first cohort, the program is calling to all early-stage startups with a focus on life sciences, MedTech, or eHealth in the Greater Philadelphia, that want to explore European opportunities.
✔️ In 2020, the second cohort will be aimed at the Indian market and will be open to startups with a focus on IT and smart society.

As a whole, if you are interested in gaining insight into the overseas market without having to travel, this six-month program is for you.

Why should you apply?


✔️ Gain insights into business and business growth opportunities in the European market
✔️ Gain access to potential funding sources
✔️Make direct connections to mentors, partners and potential clients
✔️Meet and pitch European partners at the BIO International Convention in Philadelphia on June 3-6, 2019. BIO represents more than 1,100 biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and related organizations across the United States and in more than 30 other nations.

European Cohort Calendar






November 30, 2018


End of applications


December 3, 2018


Results of the first round of selections


December 9, 2018


Upload pitch deck


December 21, 2018


Announcement of interview schedule


January 7, 2019


Beginning of the interviews


January 11, 2019


Selection of the first cohort


January 21, 2019


Beginning of the program

Want more information about GSA? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer your questions!