An Immigrant Entrepreneur’s Vision: A Business That Gives Back

Pablo spent most of his life in Ecuador. It’s where he was born, where he started his family, and where he grew his career. Over the years, Pablo owned several businesses, worked as a lawyer in a variety of fields, and was voted into public office as Deputy Mayor after being encouraged by community members.

In 2011, Pablo’s eldest daughter was diagnosed with an unusual illness that required her to travel to New York for treatment. Between travel, lodging and the cost of care Pablo and his wife, Beny exhausted all of their savings and decided to leave their home and move to the United States. In 2017 Pablo, Beny, and their three children moved to Philadelphia, a city they read was progressive and supportive of service businesses.

Pictured: Pablo and his wife, Beny

In December 2019, Pablo graduated from the Entrepreneurship Program, launching his his new venture in February 2020.

After a few years of working hard and gaining experience in jobs like house painting and house/office cleaning, Pablo heard about the Welcoming Center from others in the Spanish-speaking community. Upon contacting us, he learned about our services and was intrigued by the Entrepreneurship Program. In December 2019, Pablo graduated from the Entrepreneurship Program, launching his new venture in February 2020.

Pablo’s career in Ecuador, his work experience in the US, guidance from the Welcoming Center, and the natural entrepreneurial spirit of both him and Beny have brought them to opening Power Solutions Cleaning Services, a cleaning service specializing in commercial and post-construction clients. Pablo’s vision for this business goes deeper than cleaning, his vision is to help other immigrants by offering employment while they learn English. Pablos’ story is one that many immigrants can relate to and is a driving force behind the work we do at the Welcoming Center.

You can support the men and women like Pablo who come through the Welcoming Center’s doors every day.

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