Let’s Learn Together: Developing Inclusive Best Practices

In January, we launched the Engaging Immigrant Talent initiative with the Office of Workforce Development which is funded by the WES Mariam Assefa Fund. Our project was designed to understand existing talent strategies and develop inclusive best practices as it relates to immigrants, refugees, and English Language Learners. In February, we hosted a Corporate Cocktail Hour to further engage employers to join the conversation. Today, we find our country is turned upside down with the ever-present COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide call for social change following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells, and many others. We are at a crossroad of racial, ethnic, and economic inequities and wonder: “How do we move forward”?

It is more imperative than ever to continue the conversation, get uncomfortable, and move toward real racial and economic change within our area of influence. Join us.

How do we do that? We invite you to join the conversation. What are you doing well? Where would you like to improve? What questions remain unanswered? It’s a learning opportunity for ALL of us.

Whether or not this is your first time engaging with us, we invite you to move the conversation forward by answering 2 or more of the questions here. Your anonymous responses will be compiled with previously collected information and inform upcoming employer forums.

We will gain more insights on how we develop inclusive best practices in our new and evolving social and economic landscape. Continue the conversation by following along with us on LinkedIn and Facebook! Together, we CAN make a difference within our communities.

To get more involved with the Welcoming Center, in addition to completing the employer questionnaire, you may contact Rochelle T. Cooks, Director of Employer Engagement at (215) 825-7767 or rochelle@welcomingcenter.org. Alternatively, you may fill out this form.

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