Our Publications

Annual Report

Career Guides for International Professionals

We have identified four high-growth industries in Pennsylvania and developed detailed career guides for each industry: accountant, mechanical engineer, systems analyst, and teacher.

These guides outline the process for becoming a certified professional and provide information about various types of jobs within each field, regional employers who hire these professionals, salary ranges, and employment resources.

Guide for Entrepreneurs

The Welcoming Center created a guide to provide practical information on how city store owners can protect themselves from violence and harassment and improve customer relations.

Other Publications

Econsult Solutions published a report on the economic impact of the International Professionals Program (IPP) on our state and region.


For access to the full report, please email us.

In conjunction with Econsult Corp., the Welcoming Center published a report on the economic impact of work-authorized immigrant workers on our state and region.


In this 40-page report, the Welcoming Center focuses on a trend often overlooked by the general public: Immigrants are arriving already technologically savvy and using mobile phones in distinctly innovative ways.


Find out why newcomers are selecting our region – and what makes them stay!