Services for Immigrants

The Welcoming Center provides a variety of services for immigrants from all over the world who reside in the Philadelphia region. 

Whether you are looking for meaningful employment, wanting to start or grow your business, or be socially and civically engaged, we are here to support you in achieving your goals.

Workforce Development

Career Support Services
For work-authorized immigrants who are, or have been, enrolled in The Welcoming Center programs, our staff is available to work with each individual to support their career goals. READ MORE >>

International Professionals Program (IPP)
IPP is specifically tailored for immigrants with foreign university degrees living in Philadelphia with U.S. work authorization who are looking to find a meaningful job. READ MORE >>


Business Technical Assistance
We offer technical assistance and guidance on licenses and regulations, financing, and more. READ MORE >>

Business Training Program
We offer training to individuals looking to start or grow their business. READ MORE >>

Global Craft Market
Our Global Craft Market is a collective of local immigrant artists who share their hand-made, fair traded crafts to celebrate and sustain craft making traditions and artisans from around the world. READ MORE >>

Community Engagement

Immigrant Leadership Institute
Our Immigrant Leadership Institute is a 5-month program preparing the residents of Greater Philadelphia with the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to engage in the civic life of the Philadelphia region. READ MORE >>

Intercultural Wellness Program
Our Intercultural Wellness Program is for immigrants who want to support their community in terms of wellness, stress management, and utilizing coping mechanisms to address the challenges they face in Philadelphia. READ MORE >>

English Language Support

Foundations of Communication in the U.S. (FOCUS)
FOCUS is designed for English Language Learners to co-currently learn English language skills while working on occupational skills. READ MORE >>

Interested in The Welcoming Center’s programs and services?  Please give us a call at 215.557.2626 and we will be happy to assist.

If you are an employer looking to partner with The Welcoming Center, check out our Employer Partnerships page.