Solas 2021

Solas 2021 Virtual Celebration 
March 3, 2021 

The Solas Awards has always been about coming together and shining a light on the contributions immigrants have been making in our city and region. This year, it is especially important we continue this tradition. Solas 2021 will be an evening of inclusion, learning, and connecting virtually.

Please join us on Wednesday, March 3rd as we mark The Welcoming Center’s 18th anniversary of promoting inclusive economic growth through immigrant integration.

Stay tuned for additional details coming your way!  

Solas 2021: WELCOME

Have you seen the original artwork created through collaboration between The Welcoming Center’s participants and staff?  

The I Belong volunteer group invited the community to write WELCOME in different languages, as we celebrate coming together in one TWC community. 


  • Arabic and French: Amel Kherbachene
  • Chinese: Li Zhang
  • Creole: Pierre Led’s Colas (DJ PLC)
  • English: Peter Gonzales
  • Khmer: Rith Sorn
  • Korean: Angela Choi
  • Portuguese: Cristina Zanoni
  • Russian: Ekaterina and Sophie Nevzorova
  • Spanish: Natalia Ximena Moreno Bautista
  • Swahili: Maureen Smith
  • Tagalog: Dannah Ruth Hattaway

I Belong is a group of graduates of The Welcoming Center’s Immigrant Leadership Institute (ILI). Learn more about ILI.

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John Chou and Teresa Wallace


Bob and Pat Aglira

Bill and Mary Stock / Klasko Immigration Law

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