Foundations for Communication in the U.S. (FOCUS)

Enrollment for FOCUS is open.

The next cohort of our FOCUS: Next Steps program runs from April 25 to June 10.

Classes will be held online every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Foundations for Communication in the U.S. (FOCUS) is a program that addresses the linguistic, cultural, and technological barriers to participation that face adult immigrants seeking access to employment and training opportunities in Philadelphia.

FOCUS integrates English language, digital literacy, and career readiness skills, helping students to develop new skills and transfer existing skills to a U.S. work context, so that they may obtain new employment, improve existing employment, or pursue further education and training.

FOCUS participants are work-authorized English language learners and immigrants, with a low-intermediate English level and at least some formal education, who would like to find employment, improve their current employment, or pursue further education or training. The program is delivered at no cost to participants.

FOCUS: Next Steps

In 2021, The Welcoming Center launched the FOCUS: Next Steps program. This program is an adaptation of our integrated ESL and skills training course to the online setting.

FOCUS: Next Steps is a six weeks program where participants work on improving their English language, digital literacy, and job search skills, while also receiving personal coaching and support to pursue training, education, or family-sustaining employment.

What you will learn:

✔️ Develop your English language skills
✔️ Improve your computer skills
✔️ Learn how to search for jobs in the United States
✔️ Meet a community of English learners
✔️ Get personal support


✔️ Work-authorized or work-authorization pending
✔️ Low-intermediate English level or higher (The Welcoming Center will conduct an assessment to determine your level if you are not sure)

Our Participants

As part of the FOCUS: Next Steps curriculum, participants prepare a presentation about themselves. Click on each person’s name below to view their presentation and get to know them better.