As a community nonprofit (501c3), we rely on donations and volunteers to provide high-quality services to immigrants and employers.

When you make a tax-deductible donation, your money directly impacts the lives of immigrants and connects them to family-sustaining employment.

Here's what your gift will do:

Provides an adult learner with the English language proficiency they need to advance in the workforce.

Covers the cost of an immigrant to go through our leadership training program.

Prepares an immigrant to become
a naturalized citizen.

Pays for much needed classroom supplies and books.

Here's how you can give:

By PayPal

You can either use your PayPal funds or your credit card to make your donation via the secure PayPal payment gateway.

Please read about covering fees below, and then press the PayPal button to donate.

PayPal charges us a fee for each donation. We hope you will cover this fee. Please use the chart below to determine the amount to add to your donation. Thank you for helping to save us this loss of donated funds.

Questions? Send us an email:

Your donation Fee that will be charged to the Welcoming Center Recommended full donation to cover this fee*
Fee rate:   2.2% + 30¢    per transaction
$ 3.00 $ 0.37 $ 3.37
$ 5.00 $ 0.41 $ 5.41
$ 10.00 $ 0.52 $ 10.52
$ 15.00 $ 0.66 $ 15.66
$ 20.00 $ 0.74 $ 20.91
$ 25.00 $ 0.85 $ 25.85
$ 50.00 $ 1.30 $ 51.30
$ 100.00 $ 2.50 $ 100.50
$ 500.00 $ 11.30 $ 511.30
$ 1,000.00 $ 22.30 $ 1,022.30
* Recommended donations amounts include fees on that amount and not the original amount.

By Check

To donate by check, please make payable to “Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians” and mail to:

Development Department
211 N 13th St, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Or call 215.557.2858

By Text

To donate via text, text “give” to 215.515.0509

Become part of our community by donating  or volunteering today. To get to know us better or attend a fundraising event, please see our events calendar.