Our Stories

Storytelling is a part of The Welcoming Center’s core mission. We believe that participants telling their own stories supports immigrant wellness. Storytelling allows us to share what’s important to our participants. People who support The Welcoming Center want to see the impact we have on people’s lives. The act of telling stories will have a direct impact on the experiences of immigrants by increasing knowledge about immigrants and decreasing ignorance or misunderstanding. We greatly appreciate each and every story that participants share.

Want to share your story? Contact louise@welcomingcenter.org.

Carly (Riman) Cai: A Participant From China

Before The Welcoming Center I did not feel like I was part of anything and would walk by the side of the street but now I can walk in the middle of the street, be myself, speak loudly, confidently, and powerfully.

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It Takes a TWC Village

Melissah built her assurance, pushed her peers to advocate for themselves, and nurtured her networking skills. She was able to identify and understand her capabilities and use them to push her career forward.

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A Bright(ly) Update

“The cooperative is important to me because it taught me coexistence, it trained me, I joined a group, and it gave me wonderful opportunities to be independent and to be my own manager of my business.”

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